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You could put this sauce on skateboard and you would eat it 😀


Wonderful taste, gave some to a friend who’s family owned a Chinese restaurant, she liked it so much we’ve ordered another bottle for her. Thank you!


THIS is the Hawaiian Teriyaki sauce I have been looking for!! ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!!!! I threw away all my other sauces.. This is it!


I absolutely love these sauces. I’ve been using them on my meal preps daily and they enhance my tasting experience in a major way. I even use them with dinner. I am so thankful for this sauces they make eating healthy worth it 💪🏽


WOW! Wish I could give more than 5 stars… Product ordered and arrived the next day even though estimated delivery was 7 days out. We used the sauce last night adding it to rice noodles and as a dipping sauce for steak. The flavor explosion in my mouth was incredible. We are hooked! Can’t wait to try the rest of the line.


“Excellent product, very low in sodium for those of us who have to watch that. Makes taste of food so yummy…..”


“these sauces make anything delicious!”


“Last night I made Sweet & Sour Tofu with fresh pineapple chunks (served with broccoli in black bean sauce) and my family couldn’t get enough of it!  I pressed the water out of the tofu and then marinated the chunks in a baggie with the Sweet & Sour marinade in the refrigerator for a couple hours.  I put them in a baking pan with equal amounts of pineapple and baked for 30 minutes at 350 degrees until the sauce just began to dry up and the pineapple was soft!  Yumm!  Thanks for your sauces!”

Julie  C

“I wanted to write you and let you folks know how much I love your “Thick Hawaiian Teriyaki Sauce”. It is the best thing to happen to Chicken, Pork, or Beef since……..geez, I don’t know, but it’s really, really good!!! I marinate my Chicken in it with beer and Italian seasoning, throw it on the grill and VOILA! Mouth watering results! I live in California, my Aunt ships it to me from Battle Ground Washington(I bug her constantly till she does!) Could you tell me how I can get your product shipped direct or direct me to a store locally where I can buy some? You guys ROCK!!”

Lip smackingly yours,


“Aloha Keli,

I am from Guam, one of your close neighboring island friends. I operate the KFC Restaurant out here and we want to use your Teriyaki Sauce in our Teriyaki Bowls. I am interested in two of your sauces the “THICK and the SPICY”. The only size they carry on Guam is the 15oz. Size. Do you have commercial size(4/1Gallon)? I know you have a price for 18 bottles, do you have a special price for 25-30 bottles? I hope we can do business together.


Guam Fast Foods, Inc.

Dear Keli’s,

I am sitting with an empty bottle of Keli’s Hawaiian Thick Teriyaki Baste & Glaze sauce on my desk because I have been calling many of the stores in my area again to see if they are carrying this product. I just love your sauce and use it in a LOT of cooking. Help me Obwan kenobe, you are my only hope. Can you sell it to me directly, or please let me know of a store in my area that carries it. I want to be able to finally throw away this empty bottle on my desk. Sincerely,


“My family has been using Keli’s Hawaiian Sauce for years now and we love it! We usually have at least 5 – 85oz. Containers in our pantry at a time. Now that we are older and some of us are married, there are 3 households that keep a constant supply on hand. We haven’t tried the spicy or the sweet-n-sour sauce yet, but that will be next on our list. Thanks for making such a wonderful product! We are happy to hear that you are still making these sauces. Thanks!”


“I have been looking for this sauce every since a friend gave me some to try. I finally got your website from a bottle….thank God for the internet! Thanks for giving readers a list to purchase your sauce…there is NOTHING BETTER. My whole family loves it! ”


“Hey, I just wanted to say how much we love your Teriyaki Sauce. GREAT STUFF! I think it’s great that we don’t have to refrigerate it or anything we just keep it in our cupboard. Thanks for a great product!! YUM. ”


“Here’s  the “whole story of how Alaskan Cod became a delicious Hawaiian flavored meal.”  The flavor was outstanding.  You could taste the thick flavorful, sweet yet tangy ginger/ teriyaki taste, subtle hints of sweet guava along with a hint of garlic flavor ending with a “cool” note from the spearmint leaves, with each and every bite.  I just love your sauces and generally marinate in the Pineapple Huli-Huli Teriyaki marinade.  Today was actually an accident that I used the Teriyaki Baste and Glaze to marinate in, but I am so glad that I did…  The flavor was very, very unique.  Thanks for your wonderful products.  “

Cindy H. Astoria Oregon

“My husband bought your “Teriyaki Sauce” at a discount grocery store and we LOVE it! We really like the fact that it has LOW SODIUM. Please tell us where we can buy the “Teriyaki Sauce” in the Vancouver, WA Portland area.”

Thank You,


“I think we meet out in Anaheim a couple of years ago. Your Sauce was the best I have ever had! Please send me the Nutritional panel from your label.”

Thank you,


“Hooray!! I am soooo happy I found your web site! We lived in Cannon Beach for years, and we loved stopping in at your place for your great kabobs! We have moved several times since, and now we are in Santa Cruz, CA. My Folks recently came down for a visit and ask what “Oregon” product we would like, and we ask for your SPICY Teriyaki Sauce, which of course, your url is on the bottle, so now we can get it anytime! We are very happy to see your continued, well deserved success!!”


“Hell-O I had the privilege of sampling Keli’s Teriyaki Baste & Glaze. The problem is I live in Fresno, CA and apparently it’s not available here. I’m going crazy, I’ve got to have some! Your product is the best by far than any I’ve Tasted. I am so glad I found your web site! I will be ordering some. Keep up the good work!”

Craving in California…


“I came upon your Teriyaki Sauce quite by accident, and have used it for the past several years. I was wondering how many bottles come in a case and how much it would cost to ship it. My whole family loves this Teriyaki Sauce and they want it on almost everything. I would appreciate any information as I need to order my sauce really soon. Thank you so much.”


“Good Day,

We love your Hawaiian Teriyaki Sauce, wish it was in our Costco in Chico!! Next trip to Oregon we will definitely stock up, it’s such a great product, we don’t use anything else.Thank you so much for sharing your product with the world! You are awesome~~ ”


“Keli’s is the best sauce I have ever gotten. Thank you and keep making the good sauce.”


“Thanks for providing a LOW-FAT, LOW SODIUM, delicious tasting sauce that we hope to enjoy for years to come.”


“FYI- Your Teriyaki Sauce is always a huge hit at my house. We entertain 8-80 people at a time and people are always raving about our ribs. Another FYI – We always add 1-3 tablespoons of Cayenne pepper to your sauce- it gives it that extra kick that keeps people grabbing for more!

Keep up the Good Work!”



Hope all is well. Just wanted to let you know that Biscuits Cafés in Portland are featuring a Hawaiian Burger with a pineapple slice, swiss cheese, & Keli’s Hawaiian Baste & Glaze. ”




I lived in Portland and found your sauce. We have been buying it since 1996. My friends and family have come to Oregon and have picked it up for me as well as you mailing it to me. I am sorry to say that no one here in New Mexico carries it. My husband and I work at an Air Force Base here in New Mexico and one day took our Chicken rice bowl that we poured our Hot Teriyaki on and the oriental ladies ask us why we ruined our rice bowl? Once we let them taste the sauce right out of the bottle the whole rest of the lunch was spent on how to get this sauce. Two ladies(one who I was the supervisor of) were on their way to Oregon at the end of the week. I equipped them with the name and who to get it from to bring back bottles for us.

My husband just found your website. I was wondering if the 85oz. Bottle is plastic? That would ship easier. I still have my purple sheet of paper with the sauce and the flowers on the front along with your name hand written on it from the first time I called you from New Mexico.

My friend has not come back from Oregon yet so I don’t know how much she is bringing me, but you can bet this is one customer you’ll have for LIFE.”


“Thank you for your products,

We love the Teriyaki Baste & Glaze. We use it on many recipes we make and enjoy the flavors it adds.

We originally came across your product at the “The Golden Tent” Mongolian Grill located at 4902 NE 94th Ave. Vancouver, WA. 98662 We eat there about every other Sunday afternoon. We like to recommend places, products, and people when we come across such great ones.

We hope with this economy that you are still doing well and we wish you continued success!

Thank You, ”

Grady & Marie