The team at Keli’s Hawaiian Gourmet Sauces has been working hard behind the scenes developing the next line of Keli’s Sauces.  We have listened to customer feedback, and have developed a 100% organic line of sauces that tastes amazing!  Don’t worry, we will not be changing the ingredients on the original sauce line.  As you can see above, we have designed a new logo for the sauce line and have been busy taste testing different flavors.  We think we have produced the best tasting organic teriyaki sauce on the market!  If your interested in our healthier line of products please sign up for our mailing list so we can keep you updated on our product launch.  The first couple recipes have been finalized, the label has been designed, and we are now waiting on the factory to begin manufacturing.

If your interested in healthier options, then we have the sauce for you.  We should have our new organic sauce lined released to the market within the next 45 days.  Check back often for updates.

The Keli’s Sauce Team.