9113806_origI know a lot of you out there are living a gluten-free lifestyle. Anyone who has been shopping lately for gluten-free products can attest how expensive they can be.  I Wanted to share an article I found today that has some good cost saving ideas while eating Gluten-free.
“How to live gluten-free on a budget? It’s a legitimate concern. I feel your pain. $7.95 for a gluten-free baking mix? Ouch. 

There’s a lot of chit chat lately about food budgets, food prices, and stretching a dollar. Budget talk is in the air. Eating in and cooking from scratch is a trend now. And for those of us living gluten-free, a  trend unlikely to burn out soon.

So if- like me- you are struggling to balance your cranky budget, here are ten tips and tricks to stretch the green and keep it tasty.”   glutenfreegoddess.blogspot.com

1. This, you know already. Buy pantry items on sale

2. Eat more vegetarian and vegan meals

3. Make your own snacks instead of buying pre-packaged

4. Use more potatoes

5. Eat breakfast for dinner 
6. Pasta is goddess sent. 

7. Buy raw ingredients in bulk

8. Make soup
9. Make your own broth
10. Remix leftovers

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