4 Gluten-Free Summer Staycation Recipes You Have to Make Right Now

Whether your summer consists of beach bods and exotic cabanas or yard furniture and sprinklers, we hope you are enjoying it to the fullest. Trips are always fun, but the summer season sometimes gets hectic. Staying home and enjoying the company of family, friends and neighbors can be even better. A great “Staycation” can save you all the money and planning a vacation requires and can be equally (if not more) relaxing!

These recipes are the “freestyle” variety, because your staycation shouldn’t be constrained by schedules or requirements. Just choose your protein and favorite Keli’s Sauce, gather the fixings and the fam and go for it!

Boston Bibb or Butter Leaf lettuce are good varieties with large, flat leaves to use as a base for these Superior Salad Rolls, but you can always wing it with Romaine or even Cabbage. You’re going to be trying to manipulate the lettuce into it’s own tiny “burrito” so flatter, wider leaves work better, mainly for cleanliness. If you’re having a pool party, who cares? Ingredients can consist of anything from mango to avocado (pictured above) to whatever you happen to be pulling from your garden. Drizzle on our Polynesian Sweet-N-Sour Sauce for a tangy finishing touch. Or, grill up a protein using any of our sauces; remember, just 5 minutes of basting is all that is required!

A great way to recreate that unforgettable trip is to mimic the cuisine (and bebidas) you enjoyed. This tropical spin on the Tex-Mex classic brings it to a whole new level of island enjoyment. This recipe uses chicken prepared with our Ginger Garlic Teriyaki Glaze, but sub that for whatever protein or Keli’s Sauce you’re craving. Whether you’re in Hawaii, Margaritaville, or your back porch, this recipe is Jimmy Buffet-approved.

Sure, Tuesdays are a fine occasion to enjoy some delicious tacos, but any day of the week will do. Piggybacking on the Hawaiian Nachos recipe above, prepare chicken for this tasty dish with our Ginger Garlic Teriyaki Glaze, or better yet, sub it with today’s catch! The crunchy, savory, fresh taco experience never tires.

If Tuesdays are for tacos, that leaves 6 whole days for burritos! The best thing about these flavor grenades is that there is only one required ingredient; the tortilla. Other than that, let your freak flag fly. Add some beef seasoned with Keli’s Hawaiian Ginger Garlic Teriyaki Glaze like Jimbo does with his “Fire on the Grill” Beef Kabobs, or prepare a vegetarian menu and add tofu seasoned with Keli’s Pineapple Hawaiian Luau Teriyaki. Or spice it up with any protein prepared with Keli’s Pele’s Fire Teriyaki. And THAT’s a “wrap.”

Remember, you can conjure the same type of “champagne wishes and caviar dreams” with what is available at hand. With some good vibes, the right atmosphere and tasty home cooking, you can have just as good a vacation- if not better- in the privacy of your own home!

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