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Keli's Halloween-themed “Fang-Witch” Sliders

Halloween is just around the corner and look no further because we have a deliciously eerie Halloween-themed party pleaser! Perfect for kids or adults, our Keli's "Fang-Witch" sliders are as mouth-watering as they are cute (or creepy depending…

Game Day Spicy and Sweet Chicken Wing Recipe

Want to spice up your Super Bowl Game Day party?  Try our delicious Polynesian Sweet and Sour Sauce mixed with Sriracha sauce on your chicken wings.Sweet and Sour chicken wings in our recipe list now!

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“I have been looking for this sauce every since a friend gave me some to try. I finally got your website from a bottle….thank God for the internet! Thanks for giving readers a list to purchase your sauce…there is NOTHING BETTER. My whole family loves it!”


“My husband bought your “Teriyaki Sauce” at a discount grocery store and we LOVE it! We really like the fact that it has LOW SODIUM. Please tell us where we can buy the “Teriyaki Sauce” in the Vancouver, WA Portland area.”